Warning Signs You Need AC Repair 

Having a good running air conditioning system is important to help cool your home. If the unit is not running as it should, there may be rooms in the home that are not cool, or the utility bills may go up. Fortunately, an air conditioning unit may give out some warning signs that it requires repair.

 When a homeowner sees the following signs, they require an Air Conditioner Repair as soon as possible. Delaying the unit getting fixed could lead to a more expensive repair or theneed to replace the unit altogether.

1. Loud Noises

 An air conditioning unit should not be making loud noises. If a person hears grinding, squeaking, or grating, they need to call for service immediately. This could be an issue with the fan or another component of the air conditioning unit. 

2. Odor

 An odor coming from the AC unit when it is running is a sign that the insulation has burned, or there may be mold growth inside the system. If a musty odor is present or a foul odor is present, an HVAC technician should be called out as soon as possible. 

3. Air Flow Issues

 When the air conditioner is on, the air should be coming out of the air vents on full blast. If there is an airflow problem in the system, the air coming out of the vents might not be at full force, or one vent may not even have air coming out of it at all. This could be a sign that the ductwork is failing or that the air conditioner is failing. 

4. Thermostat Troubles 

 In some cases, the thermostat for the unit will go bad. If this is the case, it may not call for the air conditioner to come on at all. If a homeowner notices that the air conditioner is not working correctly, it should be replaced.

5. Dusty House

 A dusty house could be a sign of something being wrong with the AC system and the ductwork. If a person dusts their house frequently and still finds that they are dealing with dust, there may be a hole in the ductwork, or dirty air is getting into the unit somehow. If this is the case, they should call for AC repair as soon as possible. 

6. Vibrating Outside Unit

 When the system starts up, the outside unit should not vibrate. A vibrating outside unit is a sign of a compressor struggling to turn on. If the compressor is struggling to turn it on, it may be getting ready to fail. If this is seen, an appointment for an air conditioning repair should be made as soon as possible. 

7. Electrical Issues 

 When the compressor of an air conditioner starts to break down, it can cause issues with the home electrical system. The compressor will cause the outdoor unit to overheat, which will cause your circuit breaker to trip. If a homeowner starts to see tripping breakers frequently, they will need to get a new air conditioner replacement soon. 

8. High Humidity

 The air conditioner unit should keep thehumidity in a home at moderate levels. If the unit is not keeping the humidity correctly, it either needs to be recalibrated or replaced altogether.

9. Frequent Cycles

 An air conditioner should have fairly routine cycles no matter what the weather is like outside. When there is hotter weather, the unit may run more frequently, but it should still follow a routine. If it cycles off and on constantly, there may be an issue with the system. A tune-up may be needed, or the unit may be in need of repair. 

10. Water Leaks

 When your air conditioner is on, it may produce condensation inside the machine. This water should go down into the drain pan. However, if there is water pooling at the base of the airconditioner, this is a strong indicator that there is something wrong with the unit. A fast Air Conditioner Repair is needed. If the water continues to pool, it can cause damage such as mold growth and damage to the structure of the home.

11. Utility Bill Spikes

 The utility bills for a home can spike for a wide variety of things. Hotter temperatures can make your air conditioner run more, which may create an increase in price. If a homeowner starts to see constant spikes, they might want to check out the furnace filter to make sure that it is clear. If it is and they continue to have a high utility bill, they will want to see an HVAC technician so that they can figure out the problem for you. 

12. No Power

 If the air conditioner is turned on, but it will not come on at all, this may be a sign that no power is getting to the unit. A homeowner should check to make sure that the breaker has not been tripped. If the breaker has not been tripped, or it has tripped and has done so frequently, they should call for an HVAC repair. 

 Staying on top of the air conditioning unit will help to ensure that repairs are made quickly. A great way for homeowners to not have to worry about repairs is to get HVAC maintenance done before it gets warm. All HVAC companies know that regular maintenance will ensure that the unit is running at peak efficiency. If there are any repairs needed, they can be done at this time. A quick AC repair can help to ensure that a homeowner is cool all summer long.